About Us

Yas Physiotherapy Center is a private Musculoskeletal & sports injury treatment and rehabilitation clinic. We provide a cutting-edge non-surgical treatment of acute injuries, chronic musculoskeletal conditions and pre & post-surgical rehabilitation.

We welcome you to visit our center for an evaluation by one of our highly trained physical therapist to design an individualized one-on-one, up-to-date and evidence based treatment program to help you start achieving your most optimal fitness goals.

Yas Physiotherapy Center is uniquely positioned to provide Musculoskeletal physiotherapy and sports injury rehabilitation with evidence based treatment protocols by using advanced equipment and tools in Abu Dhabi – UAE.

We proudly serve the community, companies, supporting local professional athletic teams.


We at Yas Physiotherapy Center treat the following conditions using the most advance equipment and tools available:

When necessary, our team also works with other medical professionals in order to help patients recover from an injury or procedure. If a physician or surgeon refers a patient to us, we carefully follow the doctor’s recommended recovery plan and keep them regularly apprised of the patient’s progress.


Important Policies for a successful relationship

We strive to provide you the best, personalized care available. To make this possible, we adhere to a set of very important guidelines

  • 15 Minute Late Policy

    Should you be running late by more than 15 minutes, we require you to either wait or reschedule for the next available opening. We do not allow appointments to overlap because this undeservedly compromises the care of another patient. There are no guarantees since openings due to cancellations are unpredictable.

  • 24-Hour Late Cancellation Policy

    If you wish to change or cancel an appointment we require a minimum of 24 hours advance notice. Anything else will result in a fee charged to your account. Advance notice allows someone else (who needs it) the opportunity to reserve it in place of you.

  • No Shows are not cool

    If you fail to show for an appointment without notice, all future appointments will be cancelled and a fee will be assessed to your account. You may reschedule your appointments on next available opening.

  • Cell Phones Must be Shut Off or Silent

    We realize emergencies may arise and therefore allow you to carry your cell phone during your session, however, please be courteous and set your phone to silent mode.

  • Children Requiring Supervision are Not Allowed to Attend Sessions with You

    If your child does not require supervision and is capable of waiting for you quietly then you may bring them. If any disturbance is caused to other patients or staff members you may be asked to end your session early and attend to your child.

We look forward to this being a successful relationship with you that lasts a lifetime!

Contact Us

We proudly serve the community, companies, supporting local professional athletic teams. For more information about our services and to arrange a booking with our highly trained physiotherapist, please contact us on:

Yas Physiotherapy Center
4th Street, Muroor Road
Po Box 73285 Abu Dhabi, UAE
+971 (0)2 674 8888
+971 (0)2 674 8887